The Automotive and Telecommunications industries are developing around ecosystems that are increasingly complex and demanding. The increasing mobility of people and goods brings with it greater connectivity, ever-stricter safety management, an ever-present environmental concern and higher expectations of comfort, all correlated with economic imperatives. Combining these various parameters requires the implementation of increasingly complex systems that are controlled by cutting-edge electronics. This is the very essence of ACTIA’s know-how. For 30 years, ACTIA has played a pioneering role in communication, electronic diagnostics, multiplexed vehicle architecture and electric drive systems, a field in which the group has been involved for more than 15 years.


The founders of ACTIA, Louis Pech and Pierre Calmels, anticipated challenges relating to mobility and telecommunications in order to equip the group with the technological means that would best address these challenges. The sustainability of ACTIA’s governance has thus allowed and continues to allow a substantial share of turnover to be allocated to Research and Development. 14% to 16% is reinvested every year and guarantees the group’s capacity to innovate. The spirit of innovation, which is essential for the group, spurs on every employee with an energy that drives ACTIA forward.

ACTIA's international dimension supports its development and successes in the Automotive and Telecommunications markets. The group consists of 21 companies in 15 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The primary objective of this international expansion is to offer our customers, throughout the world, local support whilst providing access to all of the group’s skills, expertise and resources.

The ACTIA group handles the production of its products in its factories and opens its production sites to other customers such as Electronics Manufacturing Services. The group has therefore developed leading industrial expertise in the automotive, aerospace, rail, health and industry sectors. The E.M.S activity now brings together over 800 employees and is enhanced by the various services offered by the group on an international level particularly with purchasing, procurement and in-service support.

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