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Engaging in corporate challenges
Involvement has given meaning to the ACTIA group’s activities since its creation. It appears not only in the constant choice of cutting-edge technology or a high-performance industry but also in the ambitious approaches to corporate challenges. Today mobility, connectivity, safety and the environment are at the heart of the group's areas of development.


Transportation is at the heart of ACTIA’s technological challenges. We are committed to producing connected, sustainable and safe mobility.

An expert in the domain of onboard systems designed for demanding environ-ments, ACTIA provides connectivity for all sorts of vehicles, thus allowing access to many connected services.

Both inside and outside the company, safety and security requirements are present in our procedures, our quality standards and our products.

ACTIA is committed to developing sustainable mobility - anti-pollution systems, electric and eco-driving - and favours “green” behaviour: carpooling, using electric vehicles...

Creating value
The ACTIA group is part of a true partnership approach alongside its customers. Particularly in the field of transport, ACTIA works with major commercial vehicle manufacturers to address all challenges related to mobility, mobility that is now connected and sustainable, safety and passenger comfort. In this way, electric and electronic architecture or electronic diagnostics equipment designed by ACTIA for its customers create a perceived value for the end user: bus or train passengers, customers of garages or vehicle inspection centres. By drawing closer to the end user’s expectations like this, ACTIA is moving into the services sector. This is the purpose of the "Aftermarket" department which offers solutions to the Automotive after-sales network and to fleets of vehicles in addition to solutions intended for OEMs.

Supporting our customers
Service is an integral part of the corporate culture at ACTIA. It builds on the group’s international dimension, which guarantees each of our customers local support that equates to proximity, swift intervention and flexibility. The ACTIA service takes a specific form for each of our products, and each of our systems and solutions in order to meet our customers’ needs as closely as possible.

Demanding quality
Full mastery of production, as well as the design of ACTIA products, is a genuine guarantee of quality. Quality is more than just a requirement but an identity, shared by all group employees in a fully certified environment.


Integrating our resources
From design to production, ACTIA integrates all resources to control costs and quality, meet deadlines and to align with customer proposals with high added-value. This command guides the group’s strategic decision. In this way, international development enables us to be as close as possible to customers, who are now global, as well as to implement an optimised sourcing policy. In the same way, ACTIA’s industrial capacity monitors the production needs of the group's customers in real time and with maximum flexibility. This availability and adaptability of resources are key factors of success and guarantee ACTIA’s customers the performance and flexibility of a major group on a human scale.

guillemetsThe ACTIA Group is doing well and while we can, naturally, be proud of this development, it is because it is essentially built on what we are: a family company, based on values of respect, commitment and values that benefit our customers.

This is a development that also respects the basics of all family companies, and is based on innovation and the ability to find new applications to electronic systems.

JL PechThese innovations are backed by strong customer service and great flexibility in a difficult world, and in which we have been highly successful not only in our long-standing markets -  buses and coaches, lorries - but now also in the new sectors of light vehicles, electric vehicles and special machines. These are all factors that place ACTIA at the heart of the modern world when it comes to major challenges including mobility, protection of the environment and energy efficiency.

We are therefore looking to the future with great confidence: confidence in our teams, and in our customer relationships, and we also believe that the directions that we have taken will once again enable us to take new steps forward in our development.

Jean-Louis PECH
President of the ACTIA group’s Executive Board

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