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The Automotive and Telecommunications industries are developing around ecosystems that are increasingly complex and demanding. The increasing mobility of people and goods brings with it greater connectivity, ever-stricter safety management, an ever-present environmental concern and higher expectations of comfort, all correlated with economic imperatives. Combining these various parameters requires strong commitements to ensure the continuity of the group at the service of our customers.


ACTIA is an industrial group. All the products signed by ACTIA are designed, developed and manufactured in the different units of the group - located worldwide -, according to quality standards which combine in particular the requirements of the automotive and aeronautical sectors. ACTIA's industrial identity is today a key performance factor in placing the group at competitive levels of cost / quality / leadtime.


Innovation mobilizes important investments, which is key to competitiveness in ever-more demanding markets. It also boosts teams with creative, entrepreneurial and partnership-based dynamics which are ACTIA's characteristics since its creation.

ACTIA's intermediate size is an asset, as we stay reactive in regards our customer's needs and the solutions we can bring to them. This allows us to differenciate ourselves from large companies within a high competitive environment.

ACTIA's independence allows the governance to look towards the future. Our choices concerning strategy, investments and developments are independant and all enable the group to continue to grow with a long-term and sustainable vision.

Quality matters to everyone. Beyond the certifications which testify to it, it is formost a state of mind which prevails through every step: from conception to production in all our products and equally in our relationship with customers.

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