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ACTIA, with innovation at the heart of its dynamic, held an original Hackathon, based on...

Innovation: ACTIA unleashes creative spirits


France regularly applies measures to restrict traffic in order to combat fine particle...

Export success of ACTIA's technical inspection solutions


The 5th workshop of the ITxPT association (Information Technology for Public Transport) was...

ACTIA at the centre of cyber security stakes of intelligent public transport


ACTIA will participate in the new edition of the Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components in...

PODIUM 2 poised to capture China


The investments in infrastructure and production capacity that began in

Factory of the Future: ACTIA on the road to a new industrial revolution


The Express Diag button appeared ten years ago on the Multi-Diag menu. It makes it possible to...

Multi-Diag’s Express Diag feature: 10 years of user experience


Continuing within its international expansion strategy, ACTIA group is setting up its first...

ACTIA opens a Japanese office


Faced with extraordinary air pollution problems, major Chinese cities have high expectations...

ACTIA China ready for remote service of electric buses


Training drivers in eco-responsible driving is among the most promising actions to reduce CO2...

The DTA (Driver Training Assistant) function complements the ACTIA Fleet eco-driving solution


In the new landscape of open innovation, Living Labs are experiencing considerable growth on...

ACTIA’s Living Lab experience


True to its commitment to practical action in favour of the environment, ACTIA is developing...

Zero paper: ACTIA's new environmental quest


ACTIA will be present at the FIAA trade show, one of the most important events in the calendar...

ACTIA unveils the latest in its electric drive range at FIAA - Madrid


At the annual convention bringing together over 140 of its key suppliers, Manitou Group wanted...

Manitou Group Rewards ACTIA at Its Supplier Convention


Smart vehicles use increasingly complex electronic systems, which execute around 100 million...

Focus on Autonomous Vehicles


2016 Turnover reaches €431.6 million, an improvement of 13.2% over 2015.

The trend...

ACTIA announces 2016 group annual results


Two months ago, as part of its internal program

The atmosphere is electric at ACTIA!
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